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Crowdfunded investing is quickly growing into the normal way of investing. Being a single investor, you're limited to only what you have in your pocket- crowdfunding brings hundreds of investors together and invests as a larger entity to take what's in your pocket and grow it exponentially. FKI has one goal in mind, and that is to grow with you, together, as quickly and as profitable as we can.

A small change I want to make this year is called "The Average Investor". Usually, hedge-funds are for people with super money! But not anymore, I am offering you the opportunity to build a large portfolio with a community of people in similar financial situations so that every single person who contributes can benefit. I would like to see everyone have money in their pockets and retire early!  

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What's In It For You?


Combining everyone's resources into one large entity will increase your earnings and keep your money growing!

Passive Income

You don't have to do any work! You invest, sit back, and reap the benefits of the rapidly growing investment income!

Financial Freedom

I bet you've dreamed of quitting your 9 to 5 and moving somewhere tropical, haven't you? I'm not saying investing with us will get you rich over night, but you won't be living paycheck to paycheck anymore!

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