How Will You Get Paid?

REIT/Stock Dividends

A mix of Monthly and Quarterly paying dividend stocks will be part of our investor portfolio compounding each payout.

Rental Income

Typically, the multifamily properties that FKI invests in are currently occupied with tenants paying monthly rent. In addition, the business strategy will be to increase those rents that are in place. As a result, distributions will be realized when there is excess cash flow after paying all expenses and debt service in a quarterly or annual fashion.

Property Sales

 When the investment property is sold, the remaining profit available will be distributed to investors after all expenses, debts and reserves are paid off. 


 With respect to a higher appraisal amount, the new mortgage proceeds will be greater than the mortgage that was in place. As a result, there will excess cash to be distributed after paying off the original loan balance. 

Overall Revenue

 Monthly & Quarterly evaluations of our overall revenue will determine how much our investors get paid- despite the amount, our investors are the first to get paid after all other expenses are paid. 

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Where Does Your Money Go?

All of our investor's capital goes completely toward growing the overall revenue.

Once Mandatory expenses (i.e. Property taxes, fees, management, etc.) get taken out, that's when you get paid.

If there are any questions regarding cash flow, please contact us ASAP!

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